Monday, 25 November 2013

Ch-Ch-Changes. The return of university, panic attacks and single life

Three months is a very long time.
It's (apparently) how long it takes for a baby to learn to roll over, and also the length of time it takes Mercury to orbit the Sun. It's also how long I neglected to post or update at all. May I extend my mega huge apologies to the hundreds of people left feeling bitterly disappointed, i.e. my dad who I suspect is the sole reader of this. Hi Dad.
Actually no, I've had 1300 views. *Does a jig of happiness*

Here is a really quick, really brief update of what 3 months has brought to/taken away from my life

  • I went to Brussels for 4 days with my boyfriend (yay, truly beautiful city) 
  • Said boyfriend and I broke up after 3 years (still getting used to it, huge adjustment, being single is both good and bad)
  • I came back to uni (WOO) and was a fresher rep for all the new freshlings. (Double Woo) I'm in my new house (woo x3) where I'm having to cook and eat independently. (woo/boo) I'm feeling lonelier than ever (boo) but that might be because stresses and all my commitments are piling up and up and up (don't even go there)
  • I decided to come off my anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills (not sure how this is gonna pan out)
  • (Ignore this dad) I discovered I don't hate washing up after all
  • I renounced all semblance of my feminist outlook and dressed up as Barbie in an all-in-one lycra unitard for a fancy dress formal.
  • I saw Gabrielle Aplin, and then Jimmy Carr - cultured and outgoing person that I am.
  • I started drinking Green Tea, and just drinking more alcohol in general. Fun. My alcohol tolerance levels have increased, watch in awe as I manage to have a vodka and coke without falling to the floor. Probably something to do with my weight gain. Hell yes.
  • On that weighty note, I finally got the go ahead to help set up an eating disorder peer-support group at my university. Big woops all round.

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