About The Girl And The Blog

The Girl.
My name is Esther, I have an unhealthy obsession with many things, I know no shame, and I'm 19 going on 99. I imagine myself to be a butt-kicking, humanitarian, freedom fighting, charity fundraising, feminist ninja, and I'm studying Politics and International Relations at Durham University. I also love standing in clogs, look at the pure happiness on my face.
I have a really big interest in mental health and the welfare of others because I'm a bit loopy myself really. EDNOS, Anxiety and Depression.
Here is a link to a more detailed piece I wrote for the charity YoungMinds about my story. I'm a Time To Change Champion and run campaigns at my university. One day I'd love to work for a charity, but I need to graduate with that degree thing first.
If you are a twitterer (twitterer? tweeter? twittee?) then you can follow me on @EstherGreeny which is both for mental health tweets and also me tweeting about Beyonce, cats, a lil' bit of politics and biscuits. It's just my daily life and the contents of my brain spewed forth onto the internet really. Riveting.

There are many things to know about me, here are some vital facts.
  • I'm  5”11. Very dorky, clumsy and awkward. 
  • Always needs a hug. 
  • Messy, but organised. 
  • Love love love watching the news, mainly because of a gigantic crush on George Alagiah. 
  • I laugh too much and smile too little. 
  • Was awarded 'Most Memorable Laugh' in year-group leaving high school, because it's the chuckle of all chuckles. I've also been told my laugh could lead to me never finding a husband, how comforting.
  • I can’t function without music and books. 
  • I like exotic and non exotic fruits a great deal. Also chocolate raisins, which completely count as a portion of fruit 
  • I live for cinnamon whirls and baked goods in general. Oh and McVitie's dark chocolate digestive biscuits, which I can plough through at an alarming rate.
  • Own every episode of FRIENDS, and I can quote most of them word-perfectly. Yeah I'm cool.
  • Have recently run out of romcoms to watch. This is not a drill. Urgent help needed.
  • Like many others, I possess the capacity to turn the smallest insignificant little detail into a full blown disaster resulting in the end of the world.
  • I try to live every day as if it’s my last and embrace life…but I fail. Abysmally. 

The Blog.
I get annoyed at the stigma that still remains surrounding mental health issues, at the lack of common knowledge about mental health and at the belief that it should be kept quiet. 1 in 4 adults will suffer from a mental health illness in any given year. That probably means one of your close family members, one of your close friends and a few of your colleagues will each have an experience of ill mental health this year alone. Particularly for young adults (like me, hi there) it's scary as hell to go through the process, so this blog will serve as a place I'll discuss mental health issues that have been in the news, ones that haven't but should be, charities and their work, and my own personal venting mechanism just to natter about my life - exciting as it is. I don't think that mental health should be invisible any more, and I don't think it's something anyone should face alone. Enter Esther.

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